Wishing you all well…


 my wife’s spiteful, ungrateful and unfaithful, agressive Chihuahua, as I pull out a thorn from his front paw.

BTW no Chihuahuas were harmed in the making of this image.

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5 Comments on “Wishing you all well…”

  1. eva Says:

    You do know Garcia-Alix’ couterpiece to this, do you?? Nice one, yours and his!

    And happy birthday 🙂

    • pgpgsxr Says:


      I’m not sure I’ve seen Garcia-Alix’s version…
      Have you a link?
      Thanks for the birthday wishes, I’ve got a lot to tell you 🙂

      • eva Says:

        It’s this one:

        will delete it when you’ve seen it.. couldn’t find it online anywhere..

        You write when you have time! No worries!

  2. Jeez, this is a crazy shot!! Were any photographers harmed?

    • pgpgsxr Says:


      Nice to see you round here! Well no photographers were harmed, at least this time. He is sitting right next to me growling at my wife who is looking at him. He’s a nasty bit of work unlike our handsome good natured pitbull who’s currently deep asleep and snoring.
      Must get round to publishing on my blog but I’m so busy with my essay which is still a little secret. But I will start very very soon.

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