Magnum Paris Party…


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7 Comments on “Magnum Paris Party…”

  1. Mike Kircher Says:

    Oh man! I miss Paris!

    Great shots, Paul. Thanks for the warm emotions that the City of Light always stirs in me.

    (love the contrasty, saturated look, too!)

    • pgpgsxr Says:

      Hey Mike :)!
      Yes Paris was lovely and what an experience it all was. I’ve come back a different person… I had been warned that would happen 🙂 a really enlightening experience.

  2. Mike Kircher Says:

    I know how you feel, brother! First trip there was 3 years ago… a changed man. Returned in 2010… made it even worse! Haha.

    I’m just sorry our friends moved back to the states! Now we’ll have to PAY to stay! ;^}

  3. Tanguy Says:

    Hey Paul,

    ok, here’s what I wanted to share with you about that paris night:
    Unlike a girl who spent the party shooting away (don’t know who she was, and never saw the images), I only took 5 photos around 11pm (too shy to just shoot like a paparazzo during the day -or was it the champagne? 😉

    ps: hopefully, next time we can meet and have a beer… Will you be at Visa 2011?
    Best, Tanguy.

  4. tanguy Says:

    Hey Paul,

    Too bad we didn’t meet at MagnumPhotos’ party, and good to know you found a new energy with your photography!

    ps: Here’s two photos taken at the end of the fiesta:

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