Rural Sunday Market

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6 Comments on “Rural Sunday Market”

  1. a civilian mass audience Says:

    I love your boys and the hair of your wife…
    beautiful !!!
    and I love the whole MED aura…it feels like home…
    so familiar…
    It’s the air…
    Viva!!! Spanish olives and wine tonigh:)on you

  2. eva Says:

    I like the 8th from top best, there you’ve managed to still have space but also to isolate the subject..

  3. Mike Kircher Says:


    Like Eva, I love the mirror shot. And like Civi… love, love, love the Mediterranean feel to it. You make me ant to visit! I’ve only been to Greece and France… might have to expand a bit! Looks very “velvia-ish”. is that all in-camera or post process?


    • pgpgsxr Says:

      Thanks Mike!
      Well if you do decide to come over to Spain try and come as close to where I live as possible and I promise we’ll go out exploring and I’m sure we’ll find a load of images! That’s a promise.
      Well that is all post process although I also underexpose between half and third of a stop…always trying to get a nice black. For years I’ve been exposing to the right on the histogram learnt that from Luminous Landscape… but DAH told me he always tries to get it right in camera even if it means getting blacks with a bit of noise. So of course I’ve immediately changed technique much happier with results… I also use Alien Skin Exposure 3 plugin and I this time I used Kodachrome 25 filter. In the carnival pics I used Kodachrome II filter…You should try the plugin really good…I use windows but I suppose you probably work with Mac don’t you?

      • Mike Kircher Says:

        I would think so. I’ll look into it! Thanks.

        And don’t be surprised if I take you up on that offer of a stroll with you in Spain! ;^}

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