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Next step?

November 11, 2010

 Camera is the least important part of the whole equation, it needs to turn into something transparent….. The equation needs a lot of seeing, observing the obvious  subtle gestures in our everyday….I´m going to go  simple….think, see, feel….and let my instinct drive me….Big Problem….Still looking for something…it needs to hold my gaze it needs to turn into a obsession or it just won´t last as a project…



November 10, 2010

 This visual diary….OK just diary.. it’s a way of sketching, practicing and training my eye. Studying what images I´m currently taking… where I´m heading, my daily experiences….We all know the photos we take are a reflection of our soul…..This is absolutely true. If you don´t believe me look at a couple of images you´ve taken a couple of years ago and see….see the truth. The truth is, your images are your psyche´s voice, innermost self, your subconscious whispering to you. Your spirit showing your joy or anguish.



Visual Diary

November 9, 2010

 I´ve got a new camera sitting beside me as I type this, so resting on my desk is Nikon fm3a…..I hate mentioning cameras round here but I´ve bought this camera to hang round with me 24/7. I need to practice… train my eye to attain the next step in my quest to at least capture what I feel and see with my camera. Best way to practice is to attempt to make a little visual scrapbook of my family life. A sentiment of an age going by….passage.. what I know will slowly evaporate into fragments of experiences.

Why film…? Just heard two women during the last year cry in shock…..Kids photos from the moment they were born up until recently lost…. as they suddenly lost all their digital files…..Love, fun, vanished gone. Yes I know I can save files on various hard disks and yes I do a lot of my “other” work this way…..But I want contact sheets, strips of Tri-X400 stuck in folders sitting next me….Of course they can disappear as well…. everything in time will go. I will still shoot digital but that Nikon round my neck or hanging my shoulder will be film.

 Of course I´ve bought a 50mm lens, I was pretty tempted to buy a 35mm – I will someday get one great for documentary work. As I see it the 35mm offers a larger view (Obvious!!)of the world, it´s a better storyteller whilst the 50mm lens tells a story but you don´t get so involved and seems toleave a lot of mystery round the subject…nothing wrong with that at least for now….