I´m not capable of heading out in to my local woods with my 8×10, tripod film, etc. I just can´t physically manage it on crutches. I tried the other day and  fell over in a rocky field, I´m supposed to be recovering from two foot operations not causing more injuries!  On top of this I´ve got my two kids on summer holidays with me 24 hours a day. So when we head out together into the countryside,  I´m continually turning round watching out for anything dangerous which may attract their curiosity, so that´s curtains for the 8×10 this summer. It would be very selfish on my behalf standing under the dark cloth for two or three minutes not keeping an eye on those little monkeys and not enjoying their company. So after the two medium format cameras fell in combat and this setback I´m beginning to wonder if this is some kind of message, trying to convince me to keep on working in digital.

 I realize the most essential part in photography is the message we each try to express to others and not the medium we use to deliver it with. But it´s well over ten years shooting digital and probably twelve years working with Photoshop and I´ve always felt a slight disconnection from everything digital within photography. Oh my god this subject is so jaded! High time to quit the chatter and JUST DO IT.

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