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March 31, 2010

Shadows hold secrets, where we now and again realise how fragile our souls can be. We often run away from those shadows because the truth can be so piercing sharp and other occasions we seek that darkness to heal our wounds. We need both light and dark, the balance, yin yang those complementary opposites which manage to make us appreciate the whole canvas which our life is made up of.

 There is no way we could have a day without a night.



March 29, 2010


 Beneath all our worries to arrive at our never-ending penultimate destination in our daily routine we forget the very most simple objects, views and sounds round us. We find it impossible to stop and open our eyes and see our surroundings. Our eyes do their best to care of us taking over in auto mode under the guidance of our subconscious who is always dealing with our present and past.

 So give a rest to the daily repetition which our life is and open those lovely eyes. It doesn´t have to be nature it can be anything,  just add that 75% of attention which is usually missing. Read the scene  before your eyes, say out loud what you can hear or see. Be there, live the present forget tomorrow it won´t go anywhere and tomorrow maybe  better after stopping.

Slave to a camera

March 15, 2010


 I wonder if most photographers work/images would improve if we all forgot about how many pixels or which film format we were using. This is a  trap which I every so often  fall into when I start wondering and then worrying  if I´m using the correct camera for the job. I fail to remember it is just a tool to helps us create and which I frequently grant too much attention to, which of course inevitably finally  influences quite a few of my images.


March 11, 2010


 I love finding worn and decaying objects outdoors. I´m fascinated to see how out of sheer use and erosion by ever changing weather everyday items wear out. I find them extremely photogenic.

One lens

March 9, 2010

As a rule I solely use one lens.  I have learnt to see  everything with a 50mm view, I´ve had lots of lenses over the years but once you eye is accustomed I find it´s a very rewarding and peaceful view.

New lens

March 8, 2010


 Got a new lens! I very rarely use anything other than a 50mm lens my old Canon 50 1,4 was really worn out. Now I have a Sigma 50mm one hell of a big fat piece of glass. At the moment I´ve got the “new piece of equipment” syndrome, I am constantly worried it will take a scratch and I am handling it with too much care!